Turn the side of your dock into adjustable, padded protection with SlidePad. Use SlidePad’s track system to manage as many pads as needed for your boat.

Why Slidepad?

Adjustable Protection

Move SlidePad along your track and position as needed.

Add As Needed

Add SlidePads to your track for additional protection and coverage.

Soft to the Touch

Strong protection without the chance of paint damage

Stout Strength

Dense foam keeps your boat from connecting with dockside obstructions

Made In The U.S.A

All products, standard or custom, are made in the United States.

How it works

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Purchase SlidePad components in a package or piece by piece, and construct the ideal adjustable padding protection system for your dock. Install your SlidePad track directly to your dock, and connect your SlidePads to the track with the built-in attachment.


Buy a pre-packaged kit at a discounted price.

SlidePad Simple Bundle



SlidePad Deluxe Bundle




Purchase products a la carte to build the perfect SlidePad system for your dock.

The How-to-guide

Follow our installation guide to do it yourself,

or find a Certified PilePad/SlidePad installer in your area.

How to install