Targeted Dock Protection.

Worried about dings
and scratches?
Stress no more.

The custom Fender
You'ave always wanted

Pilepad Slim turns your fixed Dock pilings
into a thick soft fender pad for safe
boarding and premium protection.
Why Pilepad Slim?
Buy PilePad to cover a height of 49”, and connect as many 21” PilePad Minis to cover your desired piling height.
Slim comes with 4 straps, placed strategically to secure to different dock thicknesses and depths.
Best used for fixed pilings in your slip to provide protection in a straight-forward application.
70” strap circumference fits all major piling sizes, and tightens for a snug fit.

The How-To-Guide

Follow our installation guide to do
yourself, or find a local PilePad
installer via our network.

Build your PilePad Slim

PilePad Slim


PilePad Slim​

Includes 4 adjustable securing straps

How many PilePad Slim
do you need?

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Total $265.00

Add PilePad Slim Mini

PilePad Slim Mini

$85 each

PilePad Slim Mini

Includes 2 adjustable securing straps and built in connection system.

What is the total height you
need to cover?

up to 70" up to 91"
up to 112" up to 133"

...for how many PilePad Slims?

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Frequently Asked Questions

PilePad products are covered under a limited warranty, which must fulfill a simple criteria: a material imperfection or broken seam occurring within normal parameters of expected use, and not from the pressure (blunt or sharp) of an external object.

PilePad products are covered under a two-year warranty. If your PilePad product is compromised by normal use. Warranty may include a remedy to your current product or a complete replacement. To submit a warranty request, click here.
Yes! PilePad uses a Neoprene slip cover, which may come into contact with water residue, growth, dirt or other marine matter. Water and a cotton rag should remove most dirt or residue. If a deeper clean is required, each PilePad includes a velcro seam at its back, which may be used to remove the interior foam from the shell. Once the shell is removed it can be hand-washed to remove remaining residue.
PilePads and Minis connect via a hidden zipper system integrated into the backside of each product. Connect PilePad Mini to PilePad by zipping the included connecting strap to the back of PilePad. No tools or accessories required. If you need more height than one Mini provides, connect as many Minis as you’d like to achieve your desired coverage height. The same connection system is included in the Slim line.
Tears caused by pressure or puncture are not included under warranty. For example, if your boat has a sharp bow rail which punctures the PilePad shell while docking, no warranty may be claimed. Warranty only covers a material imperfection or broken seam occurring within normal parameters of expected use, and not from the pressure (blunt or sharp) of an external object.
Your PilePad dock setup will depend on the type and height of the pilings/structures at your dock. You may even use PilePad in a mobile format as your boat moves from location to location. Visit our Choosing Your PilePad webpage for more guidance.
For most customers, your PilePads will be shipped via UPS and arrive separately in shipping boxes. Your PilePad(s) will arrive ready to install; no assembly required. For assistance with installation, via our How To page, or contact a PilePad Installer for assistance.
Your PilePads are constructed to save your paint from scratching during impact, and in addition, can withstand a standard amount of pressure. Your PilePads are not intended to prevent

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