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Frequently Asked Questions

All PilePad products purchased new from PilePad.com or through an approved dealer are covered under a 6-month Limited Warranty. The PilePad Warranty covers material defects and seam/stitch failure occurring within normal parameters of expected use. Expand the warranty tab on each product page for a detailed description of warranty related to your preferred product.

PilePads are relatively easy to install, as long as you have safe access to the piling. We always recommend a professional installation, should your pilings be surrounded by water and require a floatation device to access. With questions or concerns regarding installation, email us at help@pilepad.com, OR DM us on Instagram.


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Yes! All PilePad products use a weather resistant slip cover, which can be washed a few ways. may come into contact with a variety of in-water substances which may leave, growth, dirt or other marine matter. Water and a cotton or microfiber rag should remove most dirt or residue. If a deeper clean is required, each PilePad includes a velcro seam at its back, which may be used to remove the interior foam from the sheath. Once the sheath is removed it can be hand-washed to remove remaining residue. 


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PilePads and Minis connect via a hidden zipper system integrated into the backside of each product. Connect PilePad Mini to PilePad by zipping the included connecting strap to the back of PilePad. No tools or accessories are required to make this connection. All product lines use the same connection system: PilePad, Mid, and Slim.



Tears caused by pressure or puncture are not included under warranty. For example, if your boat has a sharp bow rail which punctures the PilePad shell while docking, no warranty may be claimed. Warranty only covers a material defect or broken seam occurring within normal parameters of expected use, and not from the pressure (blunt or sharp) of an external object.

Every dock is different, that’s why we offer a variety of padding systems. If you have questions on which products to purchase, email us at Sales@PilePad.com. For a faster response, send us a message on Instagram

For most customers, your PilePads will be shipped via UPS and arrive in separate shipping boxes. Your PilePad(s) will arrive ready to install; no product assembly required. For assistance with installation, via our How To page, or contact a PilePad Installer for assistance.

Your PilePads are constructed to save your paint from scratching during impact, and in addition, can withstand a moderate amount of pressure. We like to say boats up to about 60 feet are prime for PilePad support. While larger boats can certainly benefit, this should be taken on a case by case basis. PilePad is not intended to save your vessel from major impact, and therefore, you should not operate your vessel expecting such support.