PilePad Delivers Custom Protective Padding System for Boat Lift at Hurricane Cove


  1. Why do Boat Lift clients need sling bar covers by PilePad?
  2. What is PilePad Custom?
  3. How can I order?

Fort Lauderdale, FL – May 2022 – Hurricane Cove Marina loves their new travel lift except when the steel sling bars damage a larger boat while getting lifted. There’s not much they can do; larger boats and new design styles cause contact between a boat and the lift’s steel components. Although rare, the impact can be costly for the marina and its customer. Before any more steel meets fiberglass, Hurricane Cove enlisted PilePad for a custom solution.

After analyzing the failures, PilePad engineered an all-around solution combining durability, removability, and sleek design to prevent sling bar contact with lifted boats. The engineering includes dense polyurethane foam with a custom-cut rubber reinforced front, a black neoprene shell and removable buckling system. Each sling bar received a two-piece system covering its exposed steel.

What is PilePad Custom. The systems and their custom-fit nature are now available to the thousands of lift operators around the world through PilePad Custom, a department of PilePad Inc. who creates high-end custom dock protection products for the commercial and recreational boating community. Systems can be engineered to be fixed or removable, and are always manufactured with marine-grade, heavy-duty materials.

How to Purchase PilePad Custom products. Interested parties can contact PilePad at Sales@PilePad.com, or speak with Reed Nicol at 201-264-6356. Custom solutions will range in price depending on size, shape and durability, and take 4-12 weeks from order to installation.

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