About Us

De-stress docking. Once and for all.

Get to Know PilePad

How it started and
what we stand for.

We strive to bring comfort and security to your dock environment with protective products designed from experience and continuously innovated.


Our vision? End the stress of docking.

Boating is an expensive hobby regardless of your choice of craft. Our team is driven by a passion for vessel longevity and saving you money. PilePad designs will always be conceived through failure. There’s no better way to create a valuable product than to create a solution directly from its failure.


Driven By Experience.

Our team is driven by marine experience and the need to find solutions for docking stress. PilePad was born after years of seeing customers lose to the high cost of paint and fiberglass damages from avoidable dockside mistakes. We are persistent in expanding our product line to have an answer for any dock danger you face.


Protecting Your Marine Luxuries.

PilePad products are comprised of durable marine fabrics, foams, and plastics who can withstand high ultraviolet stress. Our foams must have the perfect mix of density and flexibility, our materials are tested in the most intense environments and our ears are always open to the opportunity to improve. PilePad is designed to protect your boat by combining these featured components with an approachable installation process.


Made in the USA!

We are extremely proud to be manufactured, owned, and operated in the great state of Florida. All our products are made by hand, and all custom protection systems are designed in-house. Our growth strategy will always include creating opportunities for our fellow citizens, first locally in Florida and later to the greatest manufacturing and distribution cities of our great country.