How Many Mini’s Do I Need?

If you’re searching for the correct combination of PilePad products, read on to understand exactly what you’ll need in your cart before checking out.

While every dock has lines, cleats and some form of pilings, we’ve learned no two slips are alike. You may side tie, stern tie or sling tie your boat. You may have 2 pilings, 4 pilings or 6 pilings. At the end of the day, we simplified our product line to serve the greatest number of slip styles out there.

Here is a visualization of how the products combine to create larger protected surfaces:

To find the right combination, you first need to identify how much vertical space you’d like to protect. This is usually best solved by the brand and model of your boat, and how much of its sidewall is exposed to the dock pilings while the tide changes during the day.

Once you’ve selected the height required (let’s say for this example its 80″), you can use the calculator found on each product page to add Mini’s until you surpass your required height. For 80″ of coverage on a marina piling, we’ll need a PilePad (49″) and two Minis (48″). That will total 97″ of total coverage, and although we’re over our mark, bigger is better in this circumstance.

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