Types of Marina Pilings

Pilings may all look the same, but how your boat interacts with them is determined by their material and placement in your slip. Here’s a beginner’s guide to making the most of the pilings that make up your boat slip.    g BOW PILINGS   Most wet slips have two pilings which designate the entryway […]

How Many Mini’s Do I Need?

If you’re searching for the correct combination of PilePad products, read on to understand exactly what you’ll need in your cart before checking out. While every dock has lines, cleats and some form of pilings, we’ve learned no two slips are alike. You may side tie, stern tie or sling tie your boat. You may […]

Sag Harbor Yacht Yard Joins as PilePad Retailer in the Hamptons

Starting July 2022, SHYY stocks and installs PilePad for the Hamptons market. We’re proud to announce a new ship store to our retail sales network!  Sag Harbor Yacht Yard in Sag Harbor, NY. Sag Harbor Yacht Yard (SHYY) is a full service boat yard with a ship store on site providing all your boating needs. […]

3 Tips for Optimal PilePad Installation

You’re Ready to Install Your PilePads. Follow these tips to maximize your PilePad’s effectiveness with quick, effective installation. BEFORE PILEPAD INSTALLATION, CREATE THE BEST ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR PRODUCTS: Remove any oysters, mussels or barnacles growing within range of your boat. This is best done with a flat shovel and some force. Rearrange (or remove altogether) […]